Singapore Visa Requirement

  1. Original passport with seven months valid. 
  2. A. Two (02) copies recent photo passport size. B. Back ground white must
  3. be mat paper. C. Scan photo with scan
  4. paper not allowed. 
  5. Two (02) copies visiting card. 
  6. Company pad 02 copies
  7. Bank Statement & Solvency Last 6 Month. 
  8. Student ID card photo copy. (if student) 
  9. Trade Liceance ( Business Person) 
  10. Noc (Private Service) 
  11. Invitation Letter From Any Individual Or Company From Singapore Confirmed ticket issued from Singapore airlines.

Malaysia Visa Requirement 

  1. Original Passport. (Valid Seven Month) 
  2. Original Last Six Month Bank Statement & Bank Solvency(Must). 
  3. 2 Copy Matt Paper Photo 35/50 mm. Background White mat Paper. Malaysia 
  4. Letter Head Pad 2 (Two) Copy. 
  5. Original Trade License with Renew Page (Photo Copy) English Notary Business. 
  6. Visiting Card 2(Two) copy. 
  7. Office NOC (Private Service) 
  8. Confirm Air Ticket. 
  9. Hotel Booking Copy. 
  10. Mysejahtera Download ,Active & Register.


Thailand Visa Requirement

  1. Original Passport. (Valid Seven Month) 
  2.  Original Last Seven Month Bank Statement (75 Thousand Taka per Person) & Bank Solvency. Account opening date need 
  3.  2 Cope recent 3.5x4.5cm Size Photo Background white Lab Print. 
  4.  Letter Head Pad 2 (Two) Copy for Business person. 
  5.  Trade License with Renew Page (Photo Cope) with English Translation + Notary (Original) for Business Person. 
  6. Visiting Card 2(Two) Copy. 
  7.  Office NOC (Private Service) 
  8. Pay Slip/Salary Bank Statement & Solvency (Last Six Months) (Private Service) 
  9. Private Service (Office Id Card) Copy 
  10.  Student ID Card. 
  11. School NOC